Fundamentals of Computer Network 1

Fundamentals of Computer Network 1

What is a system?

The greater part of us envision web at whatever point we hear this word. In reality web is only a type of system.

Whenever at least two gadgets are associated with one another, all in all terms we can consider it a Network. In the event that the gadgets are PCs, we will call it Computer Network.

Why we do it?

  • The principle reason for making a Computer-Network is to share information.
  • We can share a solitary gadget from different PCs if the gadget and PCs are running under a similar system.
  • To share data through messaging, IM, talking, tele and video conferencing.
  • The biggest system is web. On the web, a server stores and gives information to the us and we can transfer, download, peruse and share information with web.
  • Users under a similar system can run or have a similar application programming from various PCs.
  • Maintaining security.
  • Speeding up the progression of information.


  • Contingent upon the association strategy Computer Networks are of two kinds; one is Wired Connection and another is Wireless Connection.
  • Contingent upon the region inclusion Computer Networks can be of numerous kinds like, LAN, WAN, MAN, PAN, CAN, Torguard VPN and so forth.
  • Contingent upon the utilitarian connections Networking can be arranged in dynamic systems administration, customer server and shared (work-gathering) design and so on.

What do we have to make it?

  • At least two PCs.
  • Systems administration links and gadgets for example LAN cards (for Wired Connection).
  • Remote Networking Devices for example Bluetooth or Infrared gadgets.